Saturday, June 13, 2009

House updates

I realize what a long while it's been since I posted photos. Since my last house post- there's a handful of finishing touches that have been completed- both by our builders and by ourselves. First the kitchen:

The backsplash is complete. I'll admit, I wasn't in love at first sight, I don't dislike it- but it didn't really add anything for me. That said, dear husband loves loves it-- so I'm not giving it a second thought. We also lowered the chandeliers a bit-- I'm working on little shades which I think will soften the whole room. I also need a window treatment for above the sink.
Dear husband also chose the fabric for behind the desk and I think he did a fabulous job. The fabric covers what is essentially a bullitin board material so we can tack up memos or calendars or (someday) kids drawings behind the desk. (Right now the fabric looks so pretty I don't want to poke anything into it, though!) I'm thinking I might see about using a bit more fabric to cover up that switch plate..... I don't think the top of the desk was stained when I last posted and so that looks very nice- it compliments the floor and the chairs that are at the island.
We've also made some progress in the living room. Here the tile work around the fireplace is complete and this I LOVE. What's funny is that dear husband isn't as wild about it, so we joke that the backsplash is "his" and the fire surround is "mine". I'm just sooo happy with the way it turned out. Another side chair arrived (the cream colored one in the corner) which is nice because it's another comfy place to sit. Actually I'm sitting in it currently with my feet on the leather cube! The mantle is Very Much a work in progress- so just ignore that for now....

Lastly is the music room. The color in these photos is a little off and the room is small enough that it's difficult to photograph... but we took the rug from upstairs and moved it to under the piano which really ties the room together.
...and here you can see the built ins are finally complete (except for cabinet knobs). I'd like to get (or make) a little cushion for the bench, but already the bench was in use this morning by mother and son while I taught daughter her lesson.

It's interesting that which each little step forward, the house before seems so empty, new, and cold. It's nice to warm up all these spaces with little finishing touches. More to come!




  1. Julia, Love all the updates! I know I could go back and look, but I'll cheat and just ask- what is your kitchen countertop? and what is your mantle stone?
    I'm working on kitchen window treatments right now too! I have an idea for you that I think would look great- I'll email it to you.
    I'm so envious that you play (much less teach!) piano. It was always a dream of mine, but I have no musical talent. Oh well, that's what piano CD's are for!
    It's good to see you back. joan

  2. Thanks Joan. The countertop is soapstone as is the mantle stone. The countertop in the photo was freshly oiled and the mantle stone we've decided to leave unoiled. We are thrilled with soapstone all around (we also have it in the upstairs hall bath).
    Please do email me your window treatment idea- you have excellent taste so I'm excited to see!

  3. Your kitchen is ga-ga gorgeous! Your whole house is just beautiful. I read your posts on picking white paint and I could really identify w/the name vs the color quandry. Getting white right is hard. But your results are just fabulous.