Saturday, August 15, 2009

Built ins

Anthony came and finished the built ins the other day. I'm still playing around with what to put on the shelves but I'm so happy with they way the turned out. If you recall, this particular builtin was not in the original plans... but was a brainstorm of Anthony's to cover up the pipe you see in the photo (from January!) below.
In order to disguise the pipe which was too big to fit in the ceiling area, Anthony had two ideas. One was to do a tray ceiling in that area. We decided against this because we wanted continuity between the kitchen and dining room areas. The other option was to "beef" up that wall a little bit and add a built in around the window. I am so happy we went with this option. I think it looks fantastic!


  1. It's absolutely beautiful; can't wait to see how you fill it! Also, am looking for part 2 of your story - I'm thinking about you and pulling for you! Beth

  2. What a great idea! It really makes that corner so special! I remember wondering about that pipe months ago... glad it has such a beautiful fix!!

  3. Sometimes the best ideas are the unplanned ones! The built in looks great....and as if it was meant to be there all along.

  4. It looks fantastic. Nice work.

  5. What an improvement. And all that storage too. It looks just beautiful. Great job.

  6. Hi Julia! I left a message, (or tried to!) yesterday and something strange happened when it went to post- oh well, computer goblins!
    I love the built in! It looks perfect; like it was always meant to be there! I remember wondering about that pipe months ago, and what you were going to do with it! So glad to see the fix is so 'beautiful'! Nice job!
    How are you feeling btw?!

  7. Thanks everyone for the comments. It's amazing to look back on what the space looked like a few months ago, before the floors were finished.. now it really does feel like home and I must say this particular built in is one of my favorite parts of the house now! Go figure.
    I'm feeling better each day so will try to write and post part II of the most recent health saga.
    Hope you all are enjoying your summers.