Thursday, August 20, 2009

Laughing out loud

I'm here with my morning coffee and blueberry/yogurt/granola breakfast. It's 10am. Even though I'm about 90% at this point, I took this week off as vacation to save myself from commuting and take it easy. Turns out this "staycation" is the perfect medicine. I love waking up late, but in our very own bed in our new bedroom in our new house. It is so lovely to spend time here and really enjoy it. ...and I've also been catching up a bit on my blog reading.
Which leads me to why I'm posting. My most dear bloggy friend, Joan, at For the Love of a House just posted that today is her husband's birthday. This post has enlightened me on how some bloggers refer to their spouses. I've always gone with "dear husband" or M., but Joan informs that some bloggers go with Mr. Name-of-Blog. In Joan's case this would be Mr. FLOH. I left her a little comment signed with this new nomenclature and just about fell on the floor laughing when I realized that M. and I are Mr. and Mrs. HOT.

That might be a keeper... too funny.


  1. That is funny! I refer to my husband as 'hubby' but only because, until Joan's post, I hadn't realized the custom was Mr. 'Name of Your Blog.' I think I'll stick with hubby because 'Mr. ACF' just doesn't have any spice to it. However, if we were Mr. and Mrs. HOT, that would be a different story!! Too bad because I think hubby wouldn't mind being referred to as 'Mr. Hot' on a regular basis. ; )

  2. Dear Mrs. Hot,
    Just read your latest posting aloud to Sister A. We both cracked up....but seriously think that naming system is a keeper! xoxoSisterE
    ps: We're working on a better naming system here, as it sounds as if we're commenting from an Abbey....not likely.......

  3. Helllloooooo Mr. & Mrs. HOT!!! Yes, that is soooo funny! When you wrote it in my comment Dan & I were cracking up too!
    I first realized that we were the FLOH's when someone responded to a question I asked, calling me FLOH, and I first thought ewww! and then how funny that I had never figured that out before!
    If we were the HOTS I'd be putting that under the blog name up top... "aka Mr. & Mrs. HOT!!"

    I'm so glad to hear that you've been enjoying your staycation! Hope your week back to work goes well; take good care- and no overdoing it Missy!

  4. Hi Mrs. HOT!!! I am late in reading your blog this week....where is the time going?!? I do hope that you are taking it easy this week, and not overdoing it. The most important thing, right now, is that you take care of yourself! You and Mr. HOT continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Cindy