Saturday, November 1, 2008

carrera tile

Another splurge we decided on was to do carerra marble in the master bathroom. We made preliminary selections at the tile place and were waiting to hear back on the pricing from our builders. Surprise was that they came back saying that if we wanted to do carerra they actually had some in storage from a previous job. I guess it was a high-end job that when the tile showed up the lady of the house freaked out saying that she Never would have possibly ordered that tile and wouldn't pay for it (meanwhile she had signed her name to the order). In any case they've been left with the tile in storage ever since. They said they'd give it to us at cost or at a discount if we liked it. I've been sooooo excited about this because they said that one of the things was a basketweave carerra floor. I love the basket weave look but knew enough not to even browse that section of the tile store because it is $$$. Anyway our builders dropped off samples at the house on Friday. It's gorgeous. Now I'm thinking, if we could, do the basketweave floor in the hall bath and in the floor of the master bath shower. Do the large carerra tiles in the master bath floor and the subways (which have such a pretty honed edge to them) in the walls of the shower....

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