Sunday, November 23, 2008

garage floor

The garage floor was pourred on Friday and it looks great- smooth and even. Everything you hope for in freshly pourred cement. ha. Next week the framers will come back to frame out the laundry/powder room, fix the upstairs master bath window (placed too low), move the wall for the kitchen and reinforce a couple studs where we might want to hand something heavy (over the fireplace and the non-window wall of the music room. Then post-holiday the electrician will get to work in a big way and in a couple week's time we'll be insulating and sheet rocking!

Our "assignment" this weekend was to pick a color for the deck. We decided after a lot of research and input from our contractors to go with Azek decking which seems to be a really great product. The downfall is my vision of a dark stained deck was not to be. Here's a photo or two of us checking out the samples against the house. We've decided to go with the grey.

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