Thursday, November 20, 2008

kitchen chandeliers

been working on this one for quite a while. i never thought i would be into crystal chandeliers- let alone in a kitchen(!) until I saw one at our neighbors house. i was soooo sold on it. it added this lovely formality to the room-- suddenly the kitchen was romantic (okay, okay the kitchen has always been romantic in our house as dear husband prepares such incredible meals) but who knew what a little (i can't believe i'm going to use this word) bling (yep, i said it) could do for a kitchen. But seriously, I think it would also tie in our glass knobs so well. Anyway what i've been looking for is something simple black iron that has a little bit of... uh.. bling. Also, ideally it accepts shades because those could be super fun to change up when we need something different...
Anyway here are some of the top contenders as of now. Yes, one of them has no.. uh.. accents... but I'm thinking it's still dressy and nice.

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