Wednesday, April 15, 2009

exterior updates

What a difference it makes to have shutters on the windows above the garage. Now I'm anxious to have the front door painted!
They've also seeded the lawn. It smells a bit like a farm near our house-- the good farm smell of wet hay. The lovely mulching job on the beds around the house was done by none other than dear husband during his spring break last week. Both the seed/hay option and the self-mulching were ways to trim down our budget as we come to the end of this job... but neither, I think, sacrificed quality.
Here's a view from the back (pre-seeding) but you can see how the deck has been finished with the lattice-work privacy screen on the left-hand side. We also have the grill set up- which we bought with credit card points! The downside was we had to assemble it ourselves which took hours struggling with bad directions-- but I'm proud to say husband and wife worked brilliantly together and the grill actually works! ;)
...and last night I snapped this photo of our deck furniture. I can't wait for it to warm up so we can have dinners outside. They have yet to build a bit more support into the lattice work. My parents gave us a "New Dawn" climbing rose for easter which I'm thrilled about because my idea has always been to grow some climbing roses (perhaps along with clematis) up the lattice work.

There is a strong possibility that our backsplash installation begins today.... so stay tuned!

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