Wednesday, April 15, 2009


whew. I just got chills looking at the last posting alongside the photo of our 'old' house.... I'm struck by how similar they are and what comfort that brings, but it's also this bizarre reminder of how long ago that 'before' seems.

Once we're a bit more complete, I'll need to post a completed exterior photo on the sidebar. With that thought, I'm realizing I'm soon going to have to re-envision just what this blog is going to be. I'm beyond relieved to be closing the chapter of "rebuilding our house and our lives, post fire" but where will that leave my little blog....?


  1. Julia,
    I can't even imagine what it feels like to look at the photo of your old house next to the new home you and M. have created. The two of you are definitely survivors! I am so happy that you are finally Home! Congratulations for all of your hard work.
    I totally understand your thought process about where does this leave my little blog... I wonder about that myself! I think you are so good at posting new and creative photos that your family and friends will always want to pop in to see more! And since your blog is about your "Home" it could encompass so many things. I imagine your Mother would like to see some grandbaby photos on it!!!heehee! I'm sure you will find the right path. I know I for one have benefitted greatly by following your progress. That you have been about a month and a half in front of me has given me the gift of insight and helped be beyond measure. I could eaisly name ten things that had I not read them here first I would have been so upset by the time they hit my house. Knowledge is power and you have given me that by sharing your story. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unknowing assistance in my own remodel miles and miles away.

  2. Joan, thank you so much for this. One of the things I continue to be amazed at is the friendship I've found through blogging and yours is one I value most greatly. xo Julia