Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Shutters and Settling in

In addition to the lights- they hung one pair of shutters and installed the little corbel detail under the front overhang. I LOVE how finished it's starting to look/feel.

Initially the electricians had installed these standard-issue plastic doorbells. We went to restoration hardware and for $8 bought this lovely one which really finishes off the front entrance. Due to the texture of the stucco, it didn't fit flush, so they put a little bit of azek trim behind it.... it's kind of pretty the way it frames it.

So imagination is still definitely needed here. Picture a painted front door, some door numbers, shutters on the windows above the garage, a bluestone front walk and of course some greener landscaping (minus the orange cone, extension cords etc.)....


Switching gears completely, i couldn't resist snapping some photos of our kitty cats making themselves at home over the weekend. Here's Zin looking out the sliding doors off the dining room. I just love the way the sun streams in.

Here he's contemplating jumping onto the built in... (This was the built in that was done in order to cover the pipe that stuck out above the window. They did such a wonderful job with it, the molding details are incredible.)
This photos' awfully dark, but this is Zin checking out my seedlings in the window sill. (You can see some of the deck railing- actually the stairs going off the deck- through the window)

Yep, they are cute little baby seedlings right now.. but not for you to eat, Zin!
Meanwhile Caelyn, found a lovely bit of sunshine on the coffee table to curl up in.

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  1. Great photos! My kitchen brackets have the same design as your front porch corbel!! We have the same fabulous! taste! The new doorbell is perfect! Love the way the front of your house looks. Such a "happy home!" You have the prettiest light that streams through your home! It's beautiful.