Tuesday, April 7, 2009

let there be light!

Apologies for not posting in over a week. Truth be it known, I've been a little out of sorts because work slowed down so much after we moved in. Our builders made such a big push to get us in on March first... but then the past number of weeks there hasn't been so much change and there's still alot left unfinished. We were getting antsy. I'm not a fan of clutter so the unpacked boxes are driving me nuts.

But today the electricians came back and installed our light fixtures... and wow what a difference. It's like getting all dressed up to go out... and THEN putting on your fanciest earrings. That metaphor might work most especially given the sparklies that adorn many of our fixtures. Here's a little tour.

The front hallway. What I call a bell-jar light from Hinkley lighting.Our master bathroom. The sconces are from Restoration hardware and the chandelier is ABC from a store in town.

I'm so happy with our chandeliers in the kitchen. They need to be lowered but they are exactly what I envisioned. This photo really doesn't do them justice....
This is the chandelier in the blue bedroom. Again, apologies for the terrible photo.
Upstairs hall light (Same as the downstairs hall). We agonized a bit over these hall lights but I am Thrilled with how they look....

The chandelier in the yellow bedroom. Dear husband picked this one out all on his own. How can I say no.... my only thing is to change out the candles to white... but it's a really pretty fixture.
I'm amazed at how transformative these lighting fixtures are. I was just starting to worry that our home had a bit of that 'new construction' feel... but the chandeliers instantly warm it up and give all the rooms a bit of old world flare. What I can't adequately capture in these photos too is the romance each room has (even the hallway!) due to the fact that they are all on dimmers.....
...on that note, I'm signing off to interrupt my personal chef (aka dear husband) with a kiss.... A husband that cooks + fancy chandeliers in the kitchen... ooo lala. Which reminds me I need to work on window treatments for this room ;)


  1. OOOO lala is right!! The new lighting looks wonderful! I can only imagine how excited you were to see them up and lit! I adore the view of your front door! Simply lovely! You've done a great job Julia (and M too!) A sweet husband who cooks too? You're one lucky girl! Before you go to bed put them all on the lowest setting and walk the house hand in hand!!

  2. OH - Joan is right - enjoy your home - ROMANCE the home....this is such a special time and adventure for the two of you - it will never be the same again so take it all in.

  3. You made wonderful choices on your light fixtures. Every single one is fantastic.