Tuesday, September 16, 2008

and now for something completely different!

so the construction is fun... but i'll be honest, the part that's at the heart of it for me is envisioning the someday-spaces. yeah, i'm excited about the demo and the concrete and big machines and all, but the real deal is further down the road when it starts really becoming a home. my dream home.... one that's comfortable and classy, functional and beautiful.... what's amazing is how many decisions go into that and the other amazing thing is those decisions are happening now....

Envisioning our future home is what has me pourring over the architectural plans on the train home each night and covering the walls of our apartment with little paint samples and working on "the project" which is a large notebook full of inspiration photos. it's that part that has me obsessing about everything from the four flushes of toilets and whether they should be one or two pieces, skirted or unskirted... to color combos and the color flow from one room to the next. floor stain, kitchen faucet pullouts, vanity lighting, cabinet pull finishes, ceiling fans, water softeners in dishwashers and cfms of hoods, porcelain versus natural stone tile... these are the things I can get really passionate about at this point while the bricks (literally) are being laid.

So I guess I'm admitting that I'm getting a little bored reporting on the progress of the masonry walls. Also, I think I'm driving my dear husband nuts as I bring him into the minutia of the 2000 different shades of "white" benjamin moore offers for our kitchen cabs, ceiling and trim. This all points me in the general direction of branching out on this blog to my little design ideas... even appliance research.... all the background stuff that's going on in our life (and my head) even as construction plods along.

If you are equally enthused-- please chime in and engage me on my new favorite subject- home design!... and if you think i've gone a bit off the deep end, well, give m. a call and sympathize ;)

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