Saturday, September 20, 2008

kitchen faucets

Here we have the two kitchen faucets we're debating between. First is the Kohler Vinnata, a very popular selection in new kitchens these days which is not surprising with its traditional antique look. The other is the Moen Aberdeen which is a little more streamlined. Both have the pull down faucet head and both come in multiple finishes. (I think we're leaning towards more of a stainless/matte finish versus the chrome that the Vinnata is shown in here.) The Vinnata has the handle attached, while the Aberdeen has it separate.

I came this close to winning an ebay bid on one of these the other day... over $100 less than what you can find it for elsewhere, but it might be for the best bc i realized that any warranty would be void and the potential for something not to work in a faucet is greater than, say, a cabinet pull. In any case, that opens back up the debate on which we want to go with...... guesses on which we're leaning towards?

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