Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i heart our architect

we have the best architect ever. i can't say enough about it. last night m and i met him to review the plans for the laundry powder room bc in looking at the site the other day, he had the brainstorm that our furnace could actually fit in the crawl space, thus capturing more area for the laundry powder room. this was timely because last weekend at the kitchen cabinet place we were talking about vanities and our idea that a farmhouse sink in the laundry/powder room would be the perfect combination of aesthetically-pleasing and practical. i showed them the photo of what we kind of had in mind and low and behold, they had the exact vanity in a different color and explained that they might just might be able to sell us the floor model at a discount bc that color had been discontinued. The catch was it was too big to fit in our originally planned laundry/powder room.... so we sat down with our architect, B., to see what could be done.

B. knows me at this point. So when I started rifling through my file he asked, "you have some sketches for me?" (I did, but wasn't ready to admit that just yet) Instead I pulled out the specs on our washer dryer and the photo of the vanity with the measurements.... with the explanation that wanted to make sure it would all fit. We spent the next twenty minutes or so playing with ideas. M. said afterwards, that he's so impressed/amazed at how well B. listens. He really listens to the needs/vision that one has and is able to immediately tranlate it creatively into a sketch that incorporates those ideas. We liked the first sketch, but it leaned more towards the functionality of a laundry room and away from the quaint space of a powder room. I also lost my cubbies at the end of the hall. As M. and I talked through these concerns, B. was already on his way sketching Plan B which we immediately fell in love with. This plan has folding doors over the washer dryer to hide it when we have company over and I got my cubbies back! Also, we have a landing space from off the garage. We're thrilled.

Now just keep your fingers crossed that we get that floor-model vanity!

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