Sunday, September 14, 2008

More masonry

The masons have been very hard at work. Yesterday (Saturday) M and I stopped by the house and were (happily!) surprised to see that they were working. According to a neighbor they were there all day until dusk. The back living room area has now been built up with cinder block as has the back wall behind the garage. The footings for the deck and under the house have been poured and the headers(?) on top of all the window and door openings have been added. We're amazed at how cleaned up the masonry looks. It is also such a wonderful thing to walk back to tallmadge and not smell any burnt/smokey smell. That was something we were both so worried about with any reconstruction... our fears are assuaged already.

All indications are that framing will commence shortly. Both our builders and our architect have said that within the next month it will likely be completely framed and we might even be walking through our "new" rooms!

We spent yesterday morning with our kitchen cabinet guy. Maybe I'll post some layouts with the notes from that meeting.... but in the meantime I'm googling for images of kitchen cabinets in various shades of benjamin moore white/cream...

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