Tuesday, September 23, 2008

saga of the rat slab

So, we walked over this weekend to find that the garage floor had been ripped up. Uh.. that wasn't the original plan! The plan was to salvage the garage floor, but here's the scoop that M. just found out today. Problem number one was our builders needed to see how far in the sewer line ran and so they had to tear up part of the garage floor. Problem number two was, once the debris was moved away, they saw that there were a number of large cracks in the floor. What cinched the deal for re-doing the floor entirely was that we needed gravel to level the back room before they poured foundation. When he priced it out it was actually less expensive to demo the garage floor to use the gravel to level out the back and pour a new garage floor. The savings comes from not having to buy gravel to level it and not having to pay to dispose of the old garage floor. So good news all around.

Last night we came home (late, you can see it's dark) and saw the mat and grid work all in place for the pouring of the "rat slab" (!) or concrete slab in the crawl space. They call it the "rat slab" I guess because one of its functions is to keep rodents from coming up. yuck. Anyway it looked very clean and nice-- so clean and nice and level and all that it passed inspection (our second thus far) and so they are good to pour the concrete today.

hmmm wonder if we'll get home from work in time to carve our initials inconspicuously in our foundation. that would be kinda cool.....

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