Sunday, October 26, 2008

bathtub has arrived

Also, our bathtub arrived! At first I didn't notice-- I had whites on the brain. But then I looked up stairs and started yelling, "wow, wow the bathtub is here!!!" (it's the little things, you know?) That was fast bc i think we just officially ordered it on Thursday(?) Friday(?) and goodness knows how they deliver this giant, heavy cast iron tub and get it up the stairs! Anyway it looks great. Also there are small changes throughout the house that we didn't notice at first- places where they have set up the pvc piping and other places where they've drilled through the wood to make room for the pipes. It's kind of cool to see where our shower in the master bedroom will drain.
Well now it's Sunday and before I leave to go teach piano lessons I'm excited to go over and see how Linen White looks!!! I hope I like it!

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