Saturday, October 25, 2008

put to the test

We went to the hardware/paint store this morning - in search of the little paint samples of the three finalists. Truth be in known, I had five little swatches in my back pocket and was going to make a last minute decision on the final three. But everything was about to take a major turn-- turns out they had NONE of the whites I had narrowed it down to in the $4 sample size. M. calmly asked what the next option was and they said a $15 can of paint. I was upset. I was overwhelmed. I was also hungry for lunch and so couldn't quite take the disappointment. We decided to take a break, get a sandwich at the deli and think on it. Over lunch I pulled out my paint swatches once again-- holding them up, two at a time for M. to choose "right or left".
Ultimately we narrowed it down to linen white and marscarpone which, since it's an aura color, comes on a pre-painted large swatch. We splurged on the $15 can of linen white and went back to the house- salvaged a piece of wood and here you can see my on my little arts and crafts project. We'll head back over tomorrow to make our final choice. Special thinks to dear husband for his infinite patience today as his wife obsesses over whites....

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