Saturday, October 18, 2008

mistakes happen

What is wrong with these photos? These are a few little, minor mistakes that we caught last week while walking through. Our builders are amazing-- they had actually picked up on these already and they'll be fixed shortly, but it just goes to show that with so many little details, there's bound to be something. So-- first photo-- the window hardware should be white. We would have loved to do oil rubbed bronze, but it's a significant step up, so we chose the standard white to match the trim. Instead we got some standard champagne(?) but aparently it's easy enough to change. Second photo-- can you spot it? I noticed this right away and it drove me nuts. I was so relieved to learn that it wasn't an issue of the windows actually being a different size. The issue is that one window in the back room is 8 over 8 (lites) while every other window in almost the whole house is 6 over 6 (lites)... good news is it was just a mistake and again one that is easy enough to fix. Last photo-- the fireplace was NOT suppose to vent out the back like that. that was the whole reason we built up the chimney and bought the model fireplace we did. They are coming back to reinstall it and fix the venting so it goes up the chimney....

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