Thursday, October 23, 2008

which white?!

i'm overwhelmed. heard from our cab guys that the deadline for deciding on our "creamy white" is monday!!!! there are countless shades of white that benjamin moore makes. i think i've narrowed it down and then i look again and it's too yellow or too green or too grey or too blue or too brown. the other problem i have is i'm highly influenced by the names. here are my current top contenders:

vanilla ice cream

white dove

mayonnaise (uh. problem with the name, though!)

bavarian cream (suggested by our builder-- thank you!)


linen white

calming cream


hunting online for photos of kitchens with Benjamin Moore painted cabs to get some sense of what these things look like over a large surface and whether it works or doesn't work. The stressful part of this is that the cabinet color will likely carry over and be our trim/doors/moldings throughout the house. I was thinking that this would make the most sense for consistency but my mom brought up the other very good point that if/when there were any white touch-ups we wouldn't have to figure out which white we were working with. The other stressful part is we're not in the house.... so i'm looking at these little chips under the florescent lighting of our little apartment (and of NJ transit!) i think i have to narrow it down to two or three and bite the bullet and buy the $4 sample to paint a board or something.

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