Saturday, October 18, 2008

field trip!!!

well, today i've convinced dear husband to take me on a field trip to one of my new favorite places-- home expo! now usually i get completely overwhelmed excited like a kid in a toy store and have no plan of action and get lost for hours until my cell phone rings and it's M. saying "where are you? are you still in the kitchen showroom or did you move on to the appliances?" meanwhile by that time i've cycled through the entire kitchen, appliances, plumbing, tile, curtains, outdoor furniture and am rounding back through the laundry showroom...

okay. so today i'm trying to be good and going with a specific plan. today's reconaissance mission is for the following things:

1. kitchen faucets. I think i can get the best price by buying this from an online vendor, but i also think i need to do that soon... so today i think we should make a definitive choice on whether it's the vinnata or the aberdeen and what finish.

2. entry sets and door knobs. specifically looking at baldwin vs. emtek vs schlage... both for entry sets, but also for the finish of door knobs. as i'm writing this i'm wishing that i had a sample of the marvin ORB hardware which will be on the sliding door out to the deck.... best if they all match. hm...

(by this time M. might be pretty weary and needing a snack. I might send him over to wegman's to pick out what he might like to cook for dinner at this point, but if he's still going strong we'll then hit the lighting department)

3. ceiling fans and lighting fixtures.

4. lastly i'd like to go open and close the GE profile french door refridgerator that we've already ordered (not from expo, it's a good place to look, but their prices are astronomical!). I'm excited for that fridge and like to "visit" it whenever we pass by an appliance showroom and picture the fresh produce in the produce drawers that are right at arm's length.

Okay. first go teach lessons, then to the bank, library, to the music store to get another beginning piano book, then over to our friend's house to pick up the shower valves that are stored in their garage to deliver to our builder... then(!) to expo we go!!!

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