Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bedroom One (guest bedroom)

As our builders have told us it's time to focus in on paint colors-- suddenly my "vision" for each room has kicked into high gear. The nice thing is having been thinking on-and-off (okay, obsessively) for months about this-- my ideas are pretty well formulated. Never-the-less I'm bad with finally making decisions and I'm also easily distracted by a beautiful room in a magazine (or friend's home) both which cause me to suddenly re-think everything. That said, i thought I'd start posting some of my inspirations/ideas. So first what I'm referring to as "the guest room". We're thinking that back bedroom will likely be the "baby" room when the time comes--- though if/when a baby #2 arrives on the scene (okay we're thinking future/future) then this "guest" room will also be a kids room. Hense the issue-- we are not looking at having the house professionally painted every five years-- so we need a color that's gender neutral and will work both for a guest room and then for a kids room.

These are my inspiration photos. Basically a neutral cream palate with calming but cheery yellows and an accent of a deep red (we just go the most beautiful quilt, actually). For the walls, I'm leaning towards Benjamin Moore's Rich Cream, though "Sand Dunes" is also an option (if it's not used in the hallway) as is something more yellow-- even possibly "Old World Romance". Note that the inspiration photos have dark wood floors like what we're thinking. I like the dark wood furniture and frames around the artwork. Our guest bedroom is substantially smaller than any of the above pictured, but it gets nice light... I think this color scheme could easily transition into either a little girl or little boys room and even work as they grow older.
*First photo is from Pottery Barn. I'm not sure where I found these other ones.... (I'm trying to be better about giving credit where credit is due!)


  1. Hi Julia,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog and by all means, feel free to use my photos. : )

    Good luck with your major home reno - I'm so sorry for the unfortunate circumstances. I can't wait to follow your progress!


  2. Teresa, thanks so much for your permission and for your thoughts... it's not something I would ever wish on anyone, but the glass-half-full part of me is trying to make the most of the opportunity to start from scratch. I have to say I'm really, really enjoying daydreaming about decorating these new spaces... and I especially love going to your blog for inspiration. so thanks again!