Monday, December 15, 2008

Master bedroom

I'm leaning towards Benjamin Moore "Paris Green" for the Master bedroom. It's a soft green, almost grey. Below are some inspiration photos of rooms with similiar colors on the wall.

This, I thought I got this is from Cote Texas? But now I can't find it on her blog. I love the check on the headboard and pillow and the contrasting bedspread-- the splash of warmth it brings with the kind of Moroccan pattern and deep red. This photo is a little dark, but I also think the paint is a shade or two darker and more green than what I'm hoping for.

This room has almost celebrity status on RMS. The posters name is hpj185 and she does have some beautiful rooms- this being my favorite by far. Word has it that this again is a slightly darker paint color "Sandy Hook Gray" by benjamin moore but I love love love how she's added some subtle light blue accents-- note the toile on the pillows. These chairs are a little too big for our space, but I like the style of them. The artwork is not to my taste nor do I love the four poster bed for this space but the color palate is just gorgeous.

Here it is... where I first "discovered" Paris Rain. This is from an interior designer/blogger in Stamford CT, "the stamford wife" (great name, no? it amuses me particularly having grown up in fairfield county myself!). This, I believe, is a bedroom she designed for her in laws. Here the soft green is paired with a pale pink which is soothing and lovely for a bedroom. I love white bedsheets- a white cloud seems the most perfect place to dream. I like the way she's dressed up the bed with a kiss of pink pillows. (Also I like the four poster bed in this room)
Also I just noticed that it seems like the ceiling may be the same color as the walls? This is a question mark for me-- what to paint the ceiling in our bedroom given the way it is dormered.... I don't want to feel too boxed in but also dont' want to ruin the nice lines of the room.

Here's another photo of the rms room (I don't know why these appear in a different order than how I try to upload them). Here you can see the toile on the curtains and also the check bed skirt.
I'm realizing that one of the appeals of going with this soft grey green is the gentle tranquility it brings when paired with a clean white-- and the romantic air it acquires when accented with with a touch of light blue, or deep red, or a blush of pink. It's a flexible color-- one that can go formal or be toned down, but one that is generally restful and serene. Also, I'll admit, I like the name, "Paris Rain"..... we'll see how it looks on poster board later this week.... stay tuned!


  1. Hi - that IS my master bedroom!! The walls look much greener there but they are def. greenish. It is Ralph Lauren paint, i think the name was windowbox, but it's been a while so I'm not positive.

  2. Wow. you found my blog! i admire yours so much- thanks so much for your comment and i hope it's okay that i posted a photo here. your work has been a major source of inspiration!

  3. Hi Julia,

    I just wanted to say that the ceiling in my in-laws bedroom is Paris Rain only lightened by 50% (does that make any sense?). I tend to do that with most of my rooms - not a fan of white ceilings. They also have a shed dormer in the architecture of their room, so carrying the pale green up to the ceiling was a nice way to somewhat conceal some odd ceiling angles.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. ah ha that explains it, thanks so much for your comment, stamfordwife. Our master bedroom ceilings are quite angled so this may be the best way to handle it. i feel stupid asking- but do you know do they lighten it by actually cutting it with a white or by addding only 50% of the pigments at the time of mixing? just curious. you can tell i'm a novice with paint....
    I will definitely have to keep this in mind-- was feeling quite baffled by the fifth wall (the ceiling ;)

  5. I believe they only use half of the colorants - I'd be happy to share the color code with you if that's the route you decide to go.