Monday, December 8, 2008

evening visit

Circuit box is in and wires going everywhere!

The furnace in the crawlspace off of the garage. We've been back and forth with the gas company-- hope is to get the heat on by the end of this week, because they want to turn the water on and can't do that unless the heat is on (or the pipes will freeze!).

Here's M. after a long day of work, but looking happy. Look at all the recessed lights in the kitchen/dining area. The flash on the camera is deceiving-- it's pitch black in the house by the time we get home from work- we are manuvering around with our flashlight and blindly aiming the camera.

Here's the other furnace that's in the attic. This will heat the upstairs.

Here's my washer/dryer hook up. I am SO excited that i won't have to walk through the garage to get to the laundry. No more dropping socks in the cold, dirty garage!

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