Wednesday, December 10, 2008

door jewelry

We're back to interior knobs. Poor husband thought it was all decided and hopefully it is, but I just like to be extra sure. Here's what we're leaning towards for interior knobs. It's the Baldwin "colonial" knob from their images collection.
Here's a more simple door knob, also Baldwin, but the "Classic". I think the price point is the same so we're leaning towards the one that has a little more interest.
M. really likes these egg-shapped knobs. (Also Baldwin). I think they are kind of cool and I like that their profile is smaller, but just think they might get old fast or look dated in a couple years or something. For awhile I was thinking maybe we'd do egg knobs on the closet doors and round ones on the interior doors, I think that could be nice looking- but it might be better to keep it simple.

Here's what we'd like to do for the front door: Baldwin "Madison".

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