Saturday, December 13, 2008

saturday photos

Here's standing in the kitchen. The french doors out to the deck on the far left. You can see the hot water heater and the red/blue pipes through the wall, but that is where the desk will be. Next to that are the steps leading down to the mudroom (hall) and laundry/powder room (see the slanted ceiling. To the far right is the closet/pantry in the kitchen.
I LOVE the way the morning light comes through the sliding french doors.

These are the three windows that will be behind the sofa in the family room.

Sorry this is blurry, I had the camera on "night" (since that's when we're usually at the house!) This is the laundry/powder room. What I thought was cool were those two metal boxes-- those are for the sconces that will go on either side of the vanity mirror.

Here's looking from the dining room into the kitchen and beyond to the music room/front hall. Look at our front door!

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