Thursday, December 4, 2008

Plumbing, Electric, HVAC

M. showing off where the showerhead will be in the master bath.

Electric wiring.

We have a water heater!
This week was more electric, plumbing and hvac... not the most drastic changes to witness, but necessary stuff and still exciting for those of us that are easily excited ;).
The hope is that next week will be inspections on all of this so that we can turn on the heat, bring in the HW flooring to acclimate and insulate and dry wall. unbelievable, no?
The disappointment of the day was that the inset medicine cabinet that we already bought is not going to fit in the master bath. sigh. The good news is that they make the same thing in a mirror-only, so hopefully it's an easy exchange. The other exciting thing that we have to finalize is the lighting-- A. and A. (our builders) had a few suggested changes to the lighting plan which seem to make sense. More on that to come...

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