Saturday, March 28, 2009

bathroom updates

Our masterbath shower door is installed. It looks so faaaaancy!
...and most of the hardware in the shower is installed. The whole bath is gorgeous- can't wait until we can actually use it! We did run into a snafu with a couple of the handles of the RH Dillon faucet and diverter. After a lot of worry and a lot of phone calls we hope it's resolved. RH is sending out replacement handles and hardware which hopefully will arrive soon. That's the only thing holding us up from being able to use our bathroom.

See that hole in the wall above the main shower faucet? That's where the diverter is suppose to go which will switch the water flow from the overhead to the handheld.Also, here you see our sink.. with sadly only one working faucet. Still, I can be patient, the bathroom LOOKS amazing even if it isn't yet functional!

and talk about life changing--- we got a towel bar and tissue holder installed in the guest bath (which is what we're using until we 'move' into our bed/bath). What a difference that makes! No more hanging our wet towels over the shower curtain bar-- no more reaching around to the back of the toilet for the tissue roll. It's the small things that you can sometimes be most thankful for!


  1. You're right Julia- it is the little things because in the end it's a lot of little things that make up a normal day! Your master bath is GORGEOUS! Dillon hardware and faucets?- Wow! Your shower door looks similar to one we have been eyeing. Might have to get info from you! I must say however, that I think it will look a little better with that piece of paper off the door! hahaheehee!! Hope it all comes in soon and you are showering away!!

  2. All looking so wonderful....isn't it so great to wake up in your own home again? Regardless of things unfinished, you are home.

  3. I love you guys for commenting- it always makes my day.

    Yes, it's so true, it's just SO good to be home. I'm baking cookies this afternoon for the first time in over a year... it's amazing how things are slowly getting back to normal.