Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Family Room

My mother pointed out that she couldn't see the area rug in the last photo posting.... so here you can see it. What's funny is that obviously the whole room centers around the fireplace mantle which, as you can see, is not finished! (no, we're not keeping that lovely aluminum surround! ha). Also we're getting a couple other side accent chairs. The windsor chairs you see here will go around our dining room table.

This is the view the other way. Isn't the light just beautiful? The dining room table is over to the right hand side. It will be going lengthwise across the room but this has been a high-traffic area thus far which is why it is pushed to the side.


  1. I love seeing the rug you picked in the room- it's perfect. And the light in that room IS beautiful!

  2. Julia, it's stunning! It looks really nice and I love the pics of Mike in the kitchen. Very much deserved after all of the trauma and headaches.

  3. Rana-- Yes, Mike is right in his element-- I knew he would love the range, but he's also over-the-moon about our farmhouse sink. He actually said I never have to do dishes again... hmmmm....
    We actually have one more headache with the insurance if you can believe it. The good thing is knowing that it should be our last... and knowning we're safely home. but anyway I'll fill you in in. thanks for leaving a comment!!! and we really can't wait to have you and sasha over. :) xo j.