Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday evening photos

Our master bath shower is coming along. I still can't believe we have a niche for our shampoos etc. The marble tile is so shiny you can see your reflection in it! I like the detail of the border of subways that Anthony came up with. Also the floor (the basketweave) is gorgeous.

Here's looking from the bedroom into the masterbath.

This is the disarray that is our master bedroom. That's where the settee will reside, but it will look much better once the room is finished.... (pls excuse the pile of laundry on top of the padded mirror on top of the dresser.. nevermind the lamp without a bulb or shade....

Our mattress arrived yesterday and the joke is that I'm going to need a step stool or a trampoline to get into bed! I'm not thrilled with how it looks from the bottom of the stairs, but think it may look better once the plastic wrap is off and the bed is made. Also, once the area rug is laid it may not be So evident that it is so tall....?
They just started installing our banister and balusters going up the stairs. I have to say that it's not quite what I was expecting. Had I been paying a bit more attention I would have chosen something more simple.... these are a little more ornate than I may have liked, but I do remember signing off on it from the picture. I think in a couple months I won't even notice the difference, right?
I took this photo because I think our door knobs are out-of-this world. I woke up Sunday morning and just stared at the door knob thinking, "wow, that's a beautiful door knob". Sad, maybe, but true!
Here's the stairs going up. To get everything to code, there will be a railing on the left-hand side of the stairs... but we may opt to then remove it while we're young and able... we'll see...

Mom, this photo is for you. Here is a better glimpse of our cabinet hardware... the mixture of knobs and pulls we decided on.

They are starting to put the crown molding around the dining room. They had to do some searching but they found molding that exactly matches that in the kitchen. It's this kind of attention to detail that makes me just adore our builders!
Not the best photo, but here you can kind-of-sort-of see our dining room table in position with one of the windsor chairs. It's all very cluttered right now and I'm getting really eager for a backsplash to finish the kitchen (one of the more difficult decisions for us!)... but I think it will all come together eventually....

As shown in these photos, dear husband has been bustling about, getting dinner ready and we're about to eat! I'll try to continue to post updates... life feels a little crazy these days! ;)


  1. Julia,
    Everything looks amazing! The master shower WOW! I too am excited about a shampoo niche! Hey, it's the little things! LOVE: the view looking from the bedroom to the mst bath, the settee in the master, the lamp without shade in the corner,the door knobs (I've stared at many a door knobs myself!), and the kitchen table!! You've been busy and you've done a great job!
    I'm so happy you & M are HOME!!!!!!j.

  2. You must be soooo happy to finally be HOME. great job on all levels -enjoy this time.

  3. thank you both. i can't tell you what your comments throughout this process have meant to me! ...and what renewed inspiration i get from watching your projects take shape. xo j.

  4. Julia,
    I realized in the middle of the night! that I didn't mention your concern with your balusters- I totally agree that in a few weeks you won't notice a difference. No worries!

    You blog has been a huge inspiration for ME, as it always lets me know what's around the corner for our remodel! Thank you for that! j.

  5. Beau-ti-ful!

    A great renovation indeed.

    I can't decide which room I like the best. If I HAD to choose it would definitely be the kitchen. I love the crown molding and cabinets...very nice.

    Thanks for sharing.


  6. Joan- a week or so later and I'm loving the balusters. I think it was somethig my mother said-- they seem to add a little something different-- they lean a little away from straight-classic, they are a little more quirky and artsy which is also very much a reflection of M. and I.

    TJ thanks for your comment and for checking out my blog. I review the comments because I really don't want spam/advertising on my site. I'm so happy to have (new) visitors, but please do not embed a link in your future comments that could be viewed as advertising.