Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The past three days have been an absolute whirlwind. The morning of our move there were so many people at our house getting things ready... Thankfully it was a beautiful day.

Here they are taking the piano off the truck. We lost our beloved piano in the fire-- this is the piano I grew up playing. My parents sat us down and said that it would get played so much more in our new home. It makes me sad that it's no longer at their house, but we've already played it every day since we've been home. It is incredibly special to have it here.

Meanwhile there were three wonderful woman cleaning up the massive mess inside. I swear there was three inches of dust all throughout the house-- from the wood, from tile cutting.... I don't know how these ladies did it, but the house just sparkled when they were done.

... and here were all the salvaged boxes which we unloaded into the garage.... and spent the weekend going through. After the fire, this company came in and cleared out anything they thought was salvageable. They cleaned it and packed it and it's been in storage ever since.

It's amazing because these boxes contained some things that were destroyed, some things that had no value to us and real treasures.
At the end of the day we were exhausted. We finally got the cats moved out of the apartment and into the yellow bedroom. We set up our bed and made makeshift curtains by hanging a duvet cover over the window. This photo makes me smile. It's our cat, Zin, finally at home. You can see our funny curtain (actually I'm thinking I might use the fabric for some pillows or something) and that lump... that's dear husband passed out asleep.

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