Saturday, March 21, 2009


Would you look at this? I could not believe my eyes. These little beauties are showing their glory in our front yard. M. and I had tried to dig up all our bulbs last august before demolition knowing how destroyed our yard would be... only to have the landlady of our apartment throw them all out. I was devastated.
... but here are a couple we missed.... who also somehow made it through all the construction. It fills me with such joy.
... and these may even fill me with greater joy!!! They don't look like much.. but you may see that bit of pink popping up there... they are my PEONIES!!! Greg found them and they are sprouting already. Who knows how they'll fare once they are back in the ground, but I'm just glad they weren't too torn up or gone missing. I love these peonies.


  1. Resiliance is what you have my dear- your flowers are just putting an exclamation point on it.

  2. Julia- I couldn't agree more with Mary's eloquent comment. Yours and M's sheer determination through this re-build has been a joy to watch.
    happy day!