Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Before I share some photos of the move and our beautiful, unbelievable, amazing home. I thought I'd share some lovely photos of the apartment we've spent the last number of months in... just for kicks and laughs. In truth we were very thankful for a fully furnished place nearby that was month-to-month and allowed kitties. That said, it was definitely a character-building living experience.

Here was our kitchen. The cabinets you see. That's it. We stored our dishes in the dishwasher so we would have a place to put food. We once ran the dishwasher after dinner and were awake with the giggles because it was SO LOUD. It was definitely better used to store the dishes than wash them.

Yes, that is a fake plant on the fridge. Came with the place.
Lovely bright red accent wall in the kitchen with an even lovelier painting. The phone did not work. Like the island range? There was nothing on either side of it.

This is one of my favorites. This is the dresser that dear husband and I have shared for the past number of months- we each took a side. He generously let me have the center top drawer too.
Uh yeah, so needless to say we did Not sleep on these sheets, but this is how the bed was made up when we first saw the place. Also, the mattress was literally like sleeping on marshmellows and made a bo--iiiing sound when you sat on it. We knew it was bad when we stayed over at my parents' house on their 20 year old fold out sofa and thought it was the most comfortable thing around.

The sofa. Also please note the industrial carpet and the closet we shared in the back.

Here's standing in the kitchen, looking through the living room (the sofa is to the left) into the bed "room".
Okay. I'll now post some more pleasing photos.....

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