Tuesday, March 3, 2009

sneak peak

Okay, we're still moving out of boxes and things are in disarray, but here is a sneak peak at how things are shaping up. Here's the family room which is the most finished. I LOVE the armoire and the chair.... the curtains are tied up to get the pleats right, but the fabric is perfect.
Across from the armoire is the sofa. (Okay this was not so neatly staged)... but was my little curl-up with a blanket and check email station last night. I'm so happy with the rug and the sofa and how all the fabrics work together....and here's dear husband doing a silly dance in the kitchen last night... The settee to the right will actually be going in our bedroom....
Here's the music room. We'll be moving the piano out from the walls a bit. There are pocket doors that close off this room when we're teaching lessons and the wall opposite the piano has built in bookshelves.
Here's a photo of our wedding print that will be hung between the built ins in the music room. We had everyone sign the mat instead of a guest book and this hung above the fireplace in our old home. The night of the fire, around 3:30am when the fire was contained, two firemen brought this print out to my husband and I where we sat on the curb. I wept as they gave it to me... and it brings tears to my eyes now to think about. I am so happy to have it back.
..and here's our downstairs powder room. The washer dryer is on the opposite wall behind bifold doors. I joked with M. that the room is so glamorous that I could do laundry in a ball gown!

More photos in coming days.... but wanted to give you all a sneak peak. I am exhausted, a bit sore, and still a little nervous/frantic about moving and all..... but I am very, very, very happy. This house is beyond my wildest dreams gorgeous... and I can't believe it's ours!

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  1. The family room is Wonderful! That armoire is so perfect and I love the chair and sofa. The blue in your music room turned out perfect! Your guest bath...just wow!