Monday, March 23, 2009

not done yet!

The area rugs we ordered from arrived. We have two of them in the kitchen (both in red) and one in front of the door to the deck- the same style, but in black. They are indoor/outdoor rugs which should clean up well in these high traffic areas.

It's always nervous-making to order things sight-unseen, but I'm very happy with them. I like this photo-- I can't quite believe it's our kitchen. Even though the rest of the house is in disarray with so much continued work (and the dust that follows it)-- these little vignettes make me happy. It's amazing how the elements come together from the linen white of the cabinets and the door style to the hardware and soapstone and the sink and the latest touches of textiles.

That said, here are a couple of the things I'm so anxious for them to finish up. The built-in's in the dining room:

The doors on in the laundry room to cover the washer/dryer instead of having them propped up on the walls.

Clean up the dust (from wood, tile, drywall... and goodness knows what else) once and for all. We're fighting a losing battle here! Every night when we get home we vacuum and wet mop everything... but it's back the next day. Worst is Saturday mornings when the sun is streaming in....

Change out the diverter to the correct one and replace the tile in the hall bath. Oh and uh finish our masterbath and bedroom so we can move out of the guest room!

...and here I was going to point out that I'm longing for the fireplace surround... but I have to put that on hold... doesn't the mantle painted white look just heavenly? For as anxious as I am for them to finish... I'm even more happy thankful to be here at all.... Surrounded by such an amazing house- it is much easier to be patient.

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