Friday, March 20, 2009

Front of house day dreams...

Hydrangeas are among my absolute favorite flowers. They were in my wedding bouquet and I adored the ones on the side of our (old) house. I love the shape of the flowers, the color and texture of the leaves...and the dried flowers are to die for. I've been thinking, dreaming of a pee gee hydrangea for the front corner of the house. I love white flowers and I think the white and green would look stunning against our house.

A simple google image search of pee gee hydrangeas is enough to make me drool:

I'm thinking on the corner by the music room window- kind of where that piece of plywood is in this photo:

Can you imagine this display of blooms in real life?

I would like to ground the landscaping in the front of the house with some other foundation plantings that would maintain their interest throughout the seasons. Perhaps some of our salvaged boxwoods (who look very sad on the side of the house right now).
...and then my real plan for the front of the house is to start a (mostly perennial) herb garden!
While unpacking I came across my all time favorite seed catalog from seed savers exchange. A (non gardening) friend joked to me once, "what is that? garden porn?" I don't think it was the look of pleasure on my face that made him ask the question- but rather the high-gloss, absolutely sinfully gorgeous color photos of heirloom vegetables, herbs and flowers. So I've been trying to figure out what my garden budget is going to be and make my wish list.
I had initially planned to do raised beds in the back and try my hand at square foot gardening. I've been pouring over the book for months and sketching out my plans... but ultimately I realized I should simplify this year.... I realized since so many of our shrubs didn't survive the fire, transplant and winter... some basic landscaping had to take priority. So I've tabled the idea of my raised bed vegetable garden for now and am focusing my energies on an herb garden in the front!
I love that herbs can be both functional and highly ornamental. Favorites first. Lavender is one of my all-time favorites... a definite for my garden. I've grown Hidcote from seed before but I'd also like to try English (true) lavender... and maybe even a couple other strains...
Sage is anothe obvious one. Look at how stunning this border looks (with swiss chard in the back- gorgeous!)
Tarragon. Love tarragon.

Rosemary is a favorite that we've grown before and actually had success overwintering. I love the smell of rosemary- and the taste! Also it's a pretty plant whose spiky texture will compliment the softer foliage of the other herbs.
I've never grown chives before but would like to try. Their flowers are pretty and the shape of the plant is conducive to my vision.

I've also never grown hyssop before. There is also a variety with white flowers which I might prefer.

Wormwood is another new one to me, but I love the shape and texture of the leaves.

Anise would be a new one too, but I like the flavor and the green and white goes with my vision.
Bay leaf is gorgeous.... not sure if it'll be difficult to grow where we are...?

Parsley- check. Both curly and flat leaf, please.

Bee balm. I think I just love the name. I'm not sure of the uses for this herb... I'm pretty sure it's not for any culinary uses, but it does attract bees and the flowers are pretty!

Another name that I quite like is Lamb's ear... and look how pretty the silver leaves are in a border.

We'll need to plant some chamomile I think.

This posting is becoming rather long... and I'm still not done with my herb seed wishlist, but I must add this photo. Basil is an obvious one for our herb garden and we've grown genovese basil and lemon basil before. This year I'm dying to add one of the purple basils to our list-- look how pretty they look together!

Now I just need the builders to finish in the laundry powder room (where I will be doing my seed growing) and for the soil to warm up!

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  1. I am planning my garden too and have all the same plants on my wish list. Coming from So Cal I am relearning gardening in Zone 4.

    Keep me posted ! I look forward to your decisions