Wednesday, March 11, 2009

stucco and decking

Sorry I've been out of touch for a few days.... been sick with the most horrendous stomach flu. Got to be very good friends with our new Kohler, but I'll spare you the details....

On the brighter side, I realized I had not yet posted a photo of the exterior of our house. Here she is-- the stucco is all done, the exterior lights are up and all we're waiting for is some nice black shutters to finish her off and the front door to be painted. Oh, and, some landscaping would be nice...

Speaking of landscaping-- here are the few plants we did purchase. Some dragon lady holly for the back (my new nickname with dear husband has become dragon lady) and a couple of contractor boxwoods to cover the huge gas meter on the side of the house.
They started the deck the other day.... (Seen from out the french sliding door off the dining room). Pretty hardware, no?

...and here's a view of the deck (in progress) from the outside.


  1. Julia- so sorry you've been sick. But glad you and Kohler are now friends!!ha!
    I love seeing the photos of the front of the house. The larger dormer looks GREAT! Much more to scale to the house. The front is so perfect and charming. What color will you paint my favorite front door?
    The deck looks great, and yes, your hardware is very pretty.
    Keep up the good work and get well soon! j.

  2. So sad about the flu .... I am becoming like Howard Hughes. It seems like everyone has it and I don't want it!!
    House is looking wonderful - I always look forward to progress pics - it gives one hope. And you'll celebrate summer on your new deck!

  3. Your house looks really good. Very handsome hardware. Is it oil-rubbed bronze or black?

    Meters...In Virginia, we can paint the metal parts of the meters whatever color we want. I just paint the utility boxes and meters the color of the house to make them disappear a bit more. And, then, I still put a plant in front of them!

  4. Thanks for the get well wishes. Happy to report that I'm back at 100%.

    Joan, we plan on painting the front door black. We had toyed with doing red-- but I felt like we'd look too much like "Talbots". Black will match the shutters and look classic. With some boxwoods and perenials out front I think we'll look good.

    Mary- yes we can't WAIT to have summer (even spring!) on our deck. We used to have so many romantic dinners out on our deck before the fire and I also love taking my coffee out there on Saturday mornings.

    Houseitems... thanks for your comment! Officially it is oil-rubbed bronze, but the Balwin ORB does come through very black-- which is actually just what we wanted. I am Extremely pleased with their door hardware.