Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ideal Tile

Anthony met us at Ideal Tile today to help us with our backsplash decision and fireplace surround decision once and for all. (How awesome is a GC that goes with you to help with design decisions?!)

Great news!!! We've settled on a backsplash! It's a pretty, classic porcelain tile with a crackle finish. There's a mix of colors- all gentle neutrals: bluey greys, greens, and browns. The backsplash will be the subways shown here. Behind the range will have a tile molding around framing a the square tiles placed on the diagnal.

Here are just some photos of me playing with the sample Vinny let us take home.
Here's a close up of the tile. ooooo it's so creamy and pretty!

Next up was the fireplace surround. Anthony built this to-die-for mantle which you can see close up here. He is truly a master carpenter-- the detail on the mantle is not lost on us. We looked to him to take the lead on what to do for the surround (within the mantle).

We settled in on these slate tiles. We already have a soapstone hearthstone.... The idea for this will be to use the harlequin (diamond) tiles for the top right below the mantle and above the fireplace. This will be finished off with the black marble pencil molding you can see here too. Then going down either side will be the simple square slate tiles (two across on each side). I am SO excited about the harlequin pattern... what is it with me and things on the diagnal?

Vinny spent so much time assisting us with our selections. He also drew up a mock up of the fireplace design. Here he is! We are so lucky to be working with such masters in their trade.


  1. Looks perfect ! Are you still in the garden or are you having snow like we are?

  2. Wow, snow? really? No fortunately just rain here... but still too cold to garden. That said, I'm starting my seeds this afternoon, I think... will post some photos at somepoint.

  3. Yes, you are lucky to have talent like that on your job. It's going to look fantastic. The attention to detail is something you'll always appreciate.

  4. Julia
    Thank you for your comment on Pure Hokum! Your new home is beautiful.

    Close friends of mine lost nearly everything in a fire many years ago. They too decided to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix and go forward in an even bigger way. I wish you much happiness and admire your attitude. K