Saturday, February 7, 2009

backsplash- long and photo heavy!

When we first went to the tile store last summer to work on our bathrooms, I was drawn to these gorgeous accent tiles. I just thought the glaze on them was gorgeous, I love the kind of botanical themes they had and the colors were so pretty. They've been in my mind ever since so you can imagine my delight when Vinnie, tile extraordinaire, who was helping me with our backsplash, pulled the creamy subway tile from this collection down as an option.

This photo does it no justice, but the subways on the left are a creamy white which nearly perfectly matches our cabinets (the one on the right is too grey, but did have a pretty crackle pattern in it). That's a sample of our countertop we were also using to see how they would all work together.

White subway tiles are a popular choice for white kitchens with black countertops.

Our builder is gently nudging us towards other options, with the worry that a plain white subway in our kitchen may look a little "boring".

My argument would be that there's a fine line between boring and classic. Going with something more unique might seem fun right now, but we could be fed up with it in five years and the backsplash is not something we're going to change. That said, I can see from these inspiration photos how the backsplash doesn't really add any pop to these kitchens.

This one looks especially bland, but if you put some cheery window treatments and barstools with cushions and even put some more everyday clutter ;) on the countertops, it would look so sterile. This kitchen, for example, is gorgeous. It has the same dark floors that we're planning and it looks like someone actually Lives there. So while the backplash isn't adding a huge design element to the room, it's certainly not taking anything away either.

We could also try a porcelain subway in a different color. Something neutral but that would give a little more pop to the space:

If we did go with a plan subway, it might be fun to do something like this- a herringbone pattern- above the range. I like the subtly of it but it adds a little interest.


Anthony, our builder, was throwing the idea out there of a glass tile. Glass tile has a beautiful shine to it that would really pop and the color options are endless. Glass tile does, however, add a distinctly contemporary feel... while our tastes lean more traditional. That said, here's a photo of a beautiful, classic white kitchen with exactly this sort of backsplash. pretty!

All the glass tile options I saw yesterday, though, seemed way more contemporary. This was the closest contendor, but I just think it looks too modern for us...

Another options we're considering is a natural stone backsplash.

This looks pretty in a white kitchen similar to ours:

This tile is gorgeous. I loved the greens and blues and greys in it and the movement is stunning. In a way the marble is somewhere between the total classic/traditional porcelain tile and the more modern glass tile. It would definitely add some interest to the kitchen and a part of me feels like you can't go wrong with natural stone.

That said, I think I'm still leaning towards the creamy porcelain. If you told me that was going in tomorrow, I would be fine with it-- any of these others I'd need to think on. I would be thrilled if we could incorporate some of those pretty accents.

I think I'll drag dear husband back to the tile store today and see if we can't come a little closer to a decision on this one. Any thoughts would be welcome!

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  1. Personally, I love the classics. You can't go wrong and you won't regret your choices when the "of the moment" item goes out of style! But having said that there are some gorgeous tile choices out there- I was very happy that I was working in a hundred and fifty year old house and had some design restrictions, or I'd still be there! I have the 7th photo down as one of my kitchen inspiration pictures too!