Thursday, February 5, 2009

Soapstone and crown molding

We were all smiles tonight with the amazing progress. Here's a photo of dear husband. I'm standing on the landing off our master bedroom looking into the hall bath (with the gorgeous basketweave floor!) Look at the baseboard molding in the hallway... and I think the hallway color is going to be just fine.

I realize I didn't post a photo of the front bedroom. The yellow at first made me a little nervous, but I think it's going to be pretty. I am over-the-moon about the crown molding in the bedrooms. wowy.
..and this is the back bedroom that I've posted before. I think it will make the most perfect little nursery at some point. Again, how gorgeous are the base and crown molding.... I'm in awe...

So we knew that the soapstone countertops were going in today... so we raced over to the house immediately following work. We let ourselves in and use the flashlight to plug in the extension cords to the construction lights. I was speechless just staring at the beautiful countertops. A good ten minutes later, M. exclaimed, "oh my goodness, they put the doors on the cabinets!". I hadn't even looked up. It's all too much to take sometimes!

Here you see the stunning veining in the soapstone. Also I'm so pleased with the cabinet doors and the hood detail (which we designed). I like that it's accented without being too pronounced.

Here's from a wider angle. Oh my goodness... it doesn't even seem real. I'm so glad I insisted on symmetry around the hood/stove. In hindsight I should have been there for the templating... the island was meant to be rounded off a bit more... but I'm thrilled with the way things are coming together.

Look at this gorgeous stone. This is the slab to the left of the range.

And our Shaws sink is out of this world. I'm happy with our Vinnata faucet and soap dispenser too.

I truly can't believe how amazing our kitchen is going to be..... It's more than a little overwhelming actually.
Tomorrow I'm taking the day off from work. In the morning I have to meet with the inspector from the bank. Then my mother is coming down from Connecticut to see the progress on the house. I'm SO excited to share it all with her.... It means so much that she's making the trip down. I'm also going with our builders to pick up the vanity and bank fixtures that our friend has so kindly stored in his garage... and later in the day I'll head over to the tile place with them to talk about backsplash options. Exciting day really. Sure beats work ;)


  1. It's all beautiful - have a wonderful time with your mother - it's what we live for

  2. OOOOOOOooooooooooooooo, it's looking so gorgeous! I just love that soapstone. Isn't this exciting?

  3. Julia- it looks amazing! Your guys are doing such a great job.

  4. The kitchen renovations look great. I'm really digging the black counter top....very clean design. The crown molding pops against the wall color.

    I cannot wait to see the finished pictures. It already looks great now.