Sunday, February 22, 2009

A painting!

I have been after one of Janet Hill's beautiful paintings for months now. She posts about one a day and within minutes, I kid you not, some lucky soul snatches it up. I'm on there every afternoon just waiting to pounce, but someone always beats me. Until now! Yesterday was my day; this beauty is soon to be ours.

The first thing I noticed about this painting was actually the pretty turned leg of the table, but my eye was immediately drawn up by the line of the table into this lovely space.

It's entitled 'Mimosas" which is fun. Given that one week from today I'll be waking up in my own house, I feel like we should be toasting! I love that this painting combines some of my favorite "janet hill" elements. A gorgeous interior space is a given, but I like how this one combines both a living area (the camel back sofa) with a dining area. I love that there is a bunch of flowers and some of the lovely bluewhite china that has appeared in some of her other paintings. Lastly, I like that there is a scene ready to be played out... four glasses of bubbly, some pastries, a bowl of fruit.... Soon the party will begin and this scene will change- but for this moment it is still, frozen in time, a small captured moment of perfection.
I (really) hope I have a couple more of her paintings to post about soon. We're under the gun for our personal property deadline and have a few pieces of artwork we need to replace.... and I long to have a mini collection of Janet Hill's work.

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