Tuesday, February 3, 2009

calming down

Well it was snowing this morning so "day light" was a stretch.... I was again poking around the house with that giant construction light. But I think I'm calming down about the color of the hallway. Though it's brighter than what I was anticipating, if anything it's just a bit more cheerful. It's not offensively bright or anything... it's just not exactly what I was anticipating. That said, if I've learned anything this year it's that I can adapt! Here are a few photos from this morning.

I think partially it's just another swell of being overwhelmed by the process and putting this pressure on myself to have everything Perfect. I've been extremely stressed this past week with insurance and banking stuff but have to push through that..... so my emotions came to the surface with the paint color (something I have more control over).
Look how different the color looks even depending on the flash/lighting. This photo I took with the paint sample up on the wall. It doesn't look as yellow at all! I think also I had grown so accustom to the grey wall of the sheet rock... that seeing any color was a bit of a shock. As soon as we get in there with some furniture, fabrics, art on the walls it won't look so much like these giant blocks of color.

Here it looks a bit more yellow, but the added irony is that for a while I was contemplating a yellow hallway! I'm not 100% feeling better about this, but I'm above 85% at this point and no longer considering calling my GC in tears. (I really didn't want to be that person!)
...and the really great thing is, I still caught my 7:28am train!

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