Wednesday, February 11, 2009

guest bedroom

Here was my original inspiration photo for our guest bedroom... which is kind of making me chuckle because obviously there is no vaulted ceiling or room for a four poster bed or a whole slew of other things. Mainly I like the deep reds and yellows. We have a beautiful quilt (which has been "living" in our volvo for the past five months) which is this color and while in Vermont over the holidays we bought a serene watercolor of a winter scene with a barn that's the same deep red.

But somewhere in my plan the room turned decidedly more yellow... especially with these new finds (from craigslist). (Two throw pillows and yellow linen window treatments). I'm wondering now whether to embrace the blue/yellow... or will all these colors work okay together without looking like too much. Do I put the area rug in this room instead of the blue room?

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