Sunday, February 22, 2009

exterior lights

Though we can wait on a number of our interior light fixtures (they'll just put bare bulbs in to get us started) I knew we were coming up on the deadline to purchase our exterior lights. Leave it me-- I made a spreadsheet with twenty-some-odd options with their measurements and pricing and gave it to dear husband to peruse. We narrowed it down to four and called the lighting store to see if they had them in stock for us to see.

We wanted just a classic black lantern look, approximately 12". But, like everything, it is amazing how many options there are: finials on top, clear glass vs bubbled glass versus crackled glass, rounded vs square. Anyway this is what we found we liked the best in person. Looking at the photos, it wasn't my favorite, actually, but in "real life" it was the clear pick. We got one for either side of the front door and one for over the garage.

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