Friday, February 13, 2009

My valentines!

Okay, this isn't the best photo of any of us (Anthony, me and Alan).... but do you love the silly Valentine's Day banner I made for Anthony and Alan (and all the other AJD builders)? While dear husband distracted them, I taped it to the lovely yellow dumpster in our front yard to suprise them!

I cannot say enough about these guys and the work that they do. They've built this amazing, gorgeous house that we will call home..... After all the hardship and heartache of the past year plus-- these guys have really turned it around for us. We are so grateful for their hard work and their friendship.... We love AJD builders!


  1. You are so lucky !!! Having done this for over 30 years - I know how special it is to have a builder like this. Give him huge love!
    Happy weekend.

  2. applause, applause to AJD Builders!! Wow, what an amazing job they've done.

    And how cute are you and M?!!! j.