Sunday, February 15, 2009

kitchen knobs and pulls

Here are the glass knobs we have our eye on from Restoration hardware for the kitchen cabinets:

Here dear husband models them:
What to do on the drawers is more tricky. They make glass pulls:
but we're not so wild about them and we would need something larger/stronger for the dishwasher pull...

So we were thinking maybe pulls like this from RH.

jen4265 from the gardenweb forum has these same knobs and pulls in her kitchen only it looks like in a polished nickel finish.

Another option is to use two of the knobs on some of the drawers:

(edlakin's kitchen on gardenweb)

(...another unknown gardenweb poster's kitchen)

Cup pulls are another (popular) option and one dear husband likes. What I don't like about cup pulls is: 1. they are big. the glass knobs on the top have such a small profile that I think this would look bottom heavy. 2. you always have to turn your wrist to open a drawer. 3. i feel like they'd get dirty inside and would be hard to clean. To me, they are also not quite as classic somehow.. definitely not as formal.

(rmkitchen from gardenweb)

So since Dear husband loves the glass knobs and the orb pulls, I think that's where we'll end up. Once we're allowed back in the house (they are doing the floor stain this week, so we can't go inside!) we'll have to take a real look at the cabinet/drawers and see what we'd like where.... I do think it would be nice to do the two-knob option on some of the smaller drawers. We'll see!

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