Tuesday, February 24, 2009

four day countdown

It was a flurry of activity at the house today. I took off work to meet with the insurance adjuster and be there for the appliance delivery.. so I had the joy of witnessing it all first hand.

It was the first I had seen the floors in person. Dark walnut is gorgeous, perfect, just what we were hoping.They have a bunch of mats down to protect the floors now.
The appliances arrived early afternoon. They backed the truck right up to the front stoop to unload the appliances.

Meanwhile they were breaking stuff up to fit more boxes/plywood etc in the dumpster. I'm laughing looking at this photo bc it looks like Anthony is flexing his muscles standing on the dumpster.
Alan teased me, you ordered the blue refrigerator? (its stainless under that wrap!)
Can you see her peaking out from behind the island? That's the blue star! Dear husband is going to be soooo excited. Also look at all the bottom cabinet drawers. It looks so pretty in person, I was about speechless.

The electricians were busy. Our ceiling fans are installed as is all the recessed kitchen lighting. Yes, that's our powder room vanity in the middle of our living room... and it looks amazing!
Here's the ceiling fan in the master bedroom. I Love how the dark floors brought out a little more grey in all the paint colors.

Here's the blue room. I think once we add some furniture and an area rug this will look really soothing and nice. I was a bit worried that the grey blue was too blue and too bright.

Look how grey it looks here though! Pretty, no?
I have loads more photos from the day to post, but have to run to meet dear husband who has not yet been to the house! We're four days from move in... amazing.


  1. I am wishing you a smooth move - very excited for you and will watch the progress. Everything looks lovely

  2. Pretty, Yes!!!


    Everything looks so wonderful! What's in the Miele box?? I can't tell!

    Remember... there's no place like home! And you're almost there!