Friday, February 13, 2009

hall bath

The hall bath looks Amazing!!! There are a few elements that aren't quite right and are being changed-- the paint (yellow, currently) is all wrong (everyone is allowed one paint mistake, right?) and we're going to change it to the same "Paris rain" that's in our bedroom. This will pick up some of the greens that are in the soapstone. The other thing is the vanity will not have beadboard-- it will be a standard raised panel. Okay, that stuff aside... the tile is out of this world. Out of this world! I love the combination of the diamond pattern with the subways.... and the tile on the floor is gorgeous... the basketweave is beyond my dreams and our builders had the incredible inspiration to do the base molding with the pencil rim in a black honed granite to match the soapstone. stunning.

I cannot wait to take a bath in this bathroom. ahhhhhhh. heaven....
Here's the soapstone countertop and sink in the hall bath.

...and here's an up close of the tile. look at the detail-- the way all the lines match up and that lovely detail on the side of the tile in between the diamond and the subways. It is sooooo beautiful!

I don't love this photo because the vanity doors are wrong and the yellow is really irking me... but look at that lovely pencil molding on the base. wowy!

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