Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More photos from yesterday

They started cleaning up our yard a bit. The trailer is completely gone so you can see the front of the house for the first time in months. The dumpster's time is limited too....

Our masterbath floor was grouted. It gives me goosebumps to look at... it's so pretty... I really cannot believe it's ours. I love the base detail.
This is hard to see, but they laid the tile for the back mudroom (well, hallway) and laundry/powder room. We had wanted to do slate, but as this is going to be a high traffic area and also to save a bit, we went with a porcelain look alike. It looks great.

... and we ordered our knobs and pulls yesterday after deciding on the larger glass knob (here) and counting up the number needed about a million times. We'll do these knobs on all the upper cabs (probably in the placement shown, rather than higher) and also on the top bottom drawers which are smaller.
On the larger bottom drawers, we'll put this 6" pull. This pull will also be on the garbage and panneled dishwasher.
A couple more photos of the kitchen which I'm just over-the-moon about:
I love love love the panel on the side of the island. It finishes it off so well.

I think, once we're home, will just sit down in each room for a couple of hours with our mouths agape in awe, pointing out details to one another. I'm so happy with the way the supports on the island turned out.

Look!!! under the cabinet lighting!!!!!

Here's the desk; you can see the drawer style.
Lastly, here is a (sad) photo of the landscaping plants that didn't make it.
But here are the ones that did that will be replanted. Any questionable plants of which there's a couple, we're going to throw in the ground and hope for the best....

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