Monday, February 2, 2009


They put the first coat of paint on the walls... which would be exciting except I'm having major anxiety about the colors. I feel kind of sick actually. It looks like a circus to me-- too many, too bright...

Dear husband has tried to calm me down by saying that I should go over in the morning, take a look with the natural light. It's not fair to judge colors by a construction flood light. He's right. Right?

Here's the worst of it. This is the hallway and the blue/grey music room. The music room color is fine, a little more purple and less grey than what I thought... but fine. The hallway is really making me nervous.
It's the hallway color that I'm most worried about. It looked orange.... way too much yellow pigment in it. I was hoping for a softer Shaker Beige color and instead it seemed (at least tonight) to have WAY too much color. We'll see what tomorrow brings, but I'm ready to call it out as a (major) mistake and see if they can fix it. I think the colors of the rooms off the hallway are okay, it's just that the hallway being so bright or something makes the whole thing look like a circus.

I don't know if I've mentioned it, but dear husband is a COLOR guy. He'd go for the deep reds and all... I wanted muted, calming tones... but tried to compromise by doing green and blue and yellow.... now I'm worried it looks claustrophobically colorful (I don't expect that to make sense to anyone else). I would have been happy with white walls honestly.
I'm trying to comfort myself that it will also look different when there's furniture and Stuff inside... I'm trying to remind myself that color moves. I'm trying to look at my inspiration photos and see that there are colored walls.
Focusing on the positive. I like "alpaca" in the kitchen/family room:

I love "winter solstice" in the back bedroom:

I love "paris rain" in our bedroom.

Less sold on the "filtered sunlight" in the front bedroom, but I think it really comes down to the hallway. If it were more neutral, everything else would be okay.

We'll see what it looks like tomorrow. I just looked it up and sunrise is at 7:15am-- so I'll be there. Worst case scenerio, it's a mistake that has to be fixed and we'll figure out how to fix it... right? I'm really trying to talk myself into feeling better about this one.....


  1. Julia, It really is the easiest thing to fix, so all is okay.... You do need to see it in natural light, but you will be living with it at night, so you must like those tones too. If there is anything you don't like about any of the choices change them NOW, much easier than 6 months from now when you are in the house. If the music room is a little off to you, one more coat of a different color can fix that. You won't want to live with 'off.' And M. won't want to listen to you live with 'off'!!!!
    What colors are the hallway and music rooms? And who's color is the Alpaca that you like? Can you maybe take the Alpaca down a chip or two and use that in the hall? Having the same tonality in several rooms/hallway can tie the rooms together. What trim color are you using?
    Now, take three deep breaths...!! j.

  2. Well, judging from your pics everything looks good to're probably in paint color shock. It's always shocking to the eye to walk into a space and see it a different color (or A color after seeing drywall). I agree with the previous poster that if you REALLY dislike the color than it's best to just fix it now. However, it's really difficult to judge a color after it's only been on your walls a few hours with no furniture in the space. I always tell people to wait until the furniture goes in and the room is filled...the color looks totally different and not shocking at all. When there isn't anything else in the space, there is nothing to focus on but the color of the walls.

  3. Thank you both so much. I think you're exactly right-- I was in color shock! A few deep breaths and standing in the space this morning, I already felt better.
    It's funny to how stress that's been simmering for awhile can suddenly boil over... I think there's been so much other stuff going on that I did not respond well to color shock.
    In fact, the hallway color IS two chips down from the kitchen/family room-- I think it must be the construction light thing that makes it look so different.
    Joan- I laughed outloud, "And M. won't want to listen to you live with it 'off'!!" that is soooooo true!. Fortunately I think it wasn't so much the color as me being a little "off" last night and fortunately M. was very understanding!