Thursday, February 12, 2009

evening update

Dear husband is so good to me. I had to work a little late tonight but he agreed to meet me at the train station with camera and flashlight in hand so I could go see the progress. We're home now at 9pm and he's cooking dinner while I upload my photos. They redid the masterbath floor and I must say it looks SO much better now that everything is symmetrical.
And they started tiling around the bath tub in the hall bath. It was so long ago, I almost forgot what we had decided, but this diamond pattern will be on the bottom with subways on top. This was a compromise-- I love the diamonds and hubby liked the subways:

The built in's are framed out. Here's in the music room. The idea is these will be bookshelves on either side with a bench seat in the middle (where kids can sit while they are waiting for their lessons or I can sit with my glass of wine in the evenings while dear husband plays me love songs ;)

Here was one of our inspiration photos:

...and here are the built ins being framed out in the dining room. This will be a kind of built in hutch.

Similar to this:

Last but not least... our toilets have arrived!!! They are sitting in the garage in big boxes currently... I can't wait to see them when they are in!

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